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The intelligent platform for Online Educational Resources.

eDoer is a community based learning platform that aims to provide high-quality, personalised educational content. Our experimental, ai-driven design simplifies the search for online educational material by offering personalized learning recommendations to both learners and educators.

And the best thing: it’s free!

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eDoer supports educators in their content curation process by offering recommendations for topics and online material that acellerate online curriculum development. eDoer helps you find and structure high-quality content and lets you collaborate with colleagues and other experts! read more >

Personalized learning

eDoer offers personalised learning content to its learners. You decide wether you prefer scientific publications, book chapters, presentations, Youtube-tutorials, podcast … and how long you want to learn! eDoer will suggest material that matches your needs! read more >

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Sören Auer

Dr. Sören Auer
Head of TIB Hannover

Dr. Gábor Kismihok
Head of Lab Learning and Skill Analytics at TIB

Learning Illustration: Illustration by goodstudio via Canva Pro.
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Photo of Dr. Sören Auer by TIB Hannover.

Photo of Dr. Gábor Kismihok by TIB Hannover.